Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome to Seattle!

Here I am, in Seattle!  I know I need to blog more and I believe it is a productive use of my free time, especially while I am experiencing some of the Seattle Freeze (I'll explain later...). I've been here almost 2 weeks, am still in the long process of adjusting my new studio to fit my living needs and am ready to take on the big city!  I have so much to think about and discuss on here, but I will try to take it one step at a time!  

Okay, this Seattle Freeze I keep hearing about, basically it is the condition of native Seattlians to not be very welcoming and friendly, but to be cold, hence the freeze.  Transplants or new people have to work hard and long to break into the native Seattle crowd.  I haven't yet decided if I believe in this yet, I don't think I've been here long enough.  

Whether or not it exists, there are more then enough transplants to the city.  A lot of them for the obvious reasons; Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon.  I'm just so anxious to break into the music scene here though, nothing makes me more happy than live music!  I'm not afraid to go to shows by myself, but right now its a matter of knowing where to go and if its in a safe place!  

Also I must mention that I've been working at my new job for 3.5 days!  Its so odd going from a small office of 3.5 people in the middle of nowhere to being on the 22 floor of a high rise in an open office with at least 30 other people, 60 staff total.  It seems like a fun environment to work in and the people seem to get along well, its just a matter of again breaking into the office culture.  I haven't dove into my work too much as I'm doing a lot of training.  This type of land protection is very very different from what I was doing before, which keeps it interesting and complicated.  I can't wait to tell more about it!  

Well, back to varnishing my new book case!

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