Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catch Up!

Why haven't I been to a show yet?  Really there is no excuse, that is even something I can go do on my own.  I will do that soon.  There is practically always tunes blowing out my Bose whenever I'm home. It even helps me right now to sit down and write with a record spinning.
I mean I suppose exploring many different neighborhoods is a decent excuse.  In my head I'm already shopping for a new neighborhood, not that there is anything wrong with mine.  Now that I'm here though and able to see the different moods of the various areas, I can better picture myself settling in here.
[flip record over]
Hosted my first dinner party last week!  That was quite lovely if I can say so!  It also gave me a hard deadline for having my apartment clean, unpacked and nice looking.  It was so nice to see my friends from college, one who lives in Seattle and one who lives in NY visiting him.  After work I went to Pike's Market to get fresh flowers, baguette and Salmon.  How friggin cool is that?  Sometimes I have to remind myself that that is my life now and not just a really cool thing I got to do once or twice.
I still haven't made my mind up on the Seattle Freeze, but I think it says a lot that pretty much all the people I have been hanging out with are not originally from Seattle. Then I thought about the reverse scenario, I'm a pretty independent person, don't always need to be with others and can easily entertain myself.  Its more activities out and about that I like to have someone with me for. So maybe I like it here so much because I have some of the Seattle Freeze already in me, or some sort of different version? But then I looked at my schedule and for the last few weeks basically every day after work I've had plans, so I can't be that freezy!  Really we all know I was living a lonely life before in the small town and have found an exciting area for a lovely balance of working, exploring, excitement and of course my ME time!
I'll cheers to that!  Happy Sunday!
<3 Suz

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