Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Cleansing??

Yes, more cleansing!
My non dairy smoothie for breakfast for about 10 days was a success.  I lost my Christmas weight and did have more energy during the day due to my high fiber diet.  I do have some suggestions for the smoothie to make it more appetizing and still just as healthy.
For me, the green smoothie was unappetizing, but when i went back to my parent's house, I put frozen blueberries and black berries in it which changed the color drastically to look like a blueberry and blackberry smoothie.  The main idea of the smoothie is the high fiber, non dairy meal to start your day.   I might continue some variation of this every once in a while.
  I am now on an herbal cleanse.  I got it at Whole Foods but saw it for $10 less at Sawalls in Kalamazoo.  The regimen is called Organic Total body cleanse.  It was recommended to me by two separate gorgeous ladies who I trust as health resources.  This is a real cleanse... Things are going to get a little dirty....
First, in the morning and on an empty stomach, I take 2 of the detoxification pills.  Then 30 minutes later I eat and take 3 of the fiber pills with a large glass of water.  Then when i get home from work I take 3 more fiber pills with a glass of water and 2 colon cleansing pills.
I am only on my second day of this process, so I am not yet reaping the positive benefits of it yet.  Instead I'm waiting for any headaches or tiredness which is a sign of the toxins being released!  I shall keep you updated on this detox as well.
Well because I am trying to keep my personal life out of this, I must keep my best story of the week and my worst out of this blog, but I assure you, they are good ones!

I'm quite upset about the lack of winter happening, I feel like if it is going to be cold, it could at least be pretty outside by being covered in a fresh, sparkly blanket of snow! Instead it is just cold and ugly... My car has been loaded up with my ice skates, cross country skis and snowboard now for 1 month, and I've only used the cross country skis once.  Luckily that one time I had a fabulous adventure teaching someone dear to me how to ski, and had a great time with them, so the memories are very fond.

well time to do my nails before I sleep!  Until next time!!
<3 Suz

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jolly Green Drink

Tonight I made the Green Drink that has been featured on Opera and Dr. Oz.  I didn't try it because they convinced me, I just happened to talk to a friend who tried this recipe and liked it!  I had decided after being semi sick for the last two months, I needed to clean out my system of any lingering toxins.  This is also known as a cleanse.  I talked to a couple of my "health gurus," as I refer to them, about ones they have tried and recommended.  I ended up with the green drink one and another herbal detox in the form of a pill from Whole Foods.
  I now write you to tell you of the GREEN DRINK!  The recipe has different variations but I provide a basic one below:
2 cored apples
2 handfuls of spinach
1/2 cup of chopped parsley
1-2 celery sticks
small chunk of ginger root peeled
1 squeezed lemon
1 medium cucumber

Place in blender with 4 oz. of water, add water to get consistency you like.  Add ice if you'd like.  If you would like to you can add other things such as: a banana or carrot juice!

So this is what I made tonight, and if you know me, you know I absolutely hate celery, unless cooked down to tasteless in a soup. Needless to say, I had really opened my mind to the cleansing idea... I must say this shake was delicious!  I obviously catered it to my taste but you surprisingly can't taste the celery and spinach, in fact, it was mainly ginger and apple I tasted. I did add a lot of ginger root but that is because I know it is really good for you!

So I know dressing it up like a margarita may have made it go down a little easier, but it looks kinda like a delicious shake of an add color, and the green color from the spinach goes well on the mind with the apple flavor! 

My verdict is that this smoothie, which I am supposed to drink for 2 weeks along with a balanced diet, is a success, in the flavor department.  The color might put people off, along with the ingredients, but if you are going for super healthy and fibrous, then this is the shake to supplement your diet with.  

**Okay who am I to rate this kind of thing?  No one but your taste buds matter when deciding on a diet don't they?? You can't neglect those!!

<3 Suz

P.S.  I'm doing a snow dance for Michigan to get lots of snow during the lake effect starting tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is your head cold?

Okay so soliciting myself might make a few people mad, but I know there has been interest in the past on this... if you are offended by this, look at it as me showing off my knitting!
 I knit pretty much for fun, but I always get compliments on my hats!  particularly my tams! I have a few other great projects i'm working on, but need to get supplies, time and motivation to execute.
The tams are stylish, soft, easy to wear and handknit with love!
I happen to have two, that I just made to be knitting but not with anyone in mind. One size fits all, and i'm asking for $20 for each. Please message/e-mail me to set something up! I've put pictures up below to see the colors and the style of the tam

While I'm at it, i still have a fish hat left over as well!  See below, $25 message me! Fun hat! I love those!

Well its finally friday again!  I have Rotary early in the morning.  A few meetings ago I volunteered to bet he program committee, knowing that being new to the area it would be a challenge to meet interesting people to come talk to us every week... but I spose i felt up to the challenge.  No speakers this week, but the rest of January is covered, with help from my one committee member!
Then I'm off to Ann Arbor for the weekend.  I have some fabulous friends that I've been missing, particularly some girls I went to NOLA with a long time ago, so I'm happy Sharon has motivated me to come for the weekend!
Gotta go do my nails!  Stay warm my friends and followers!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and the Sugary sweet winner is!....

MICHIGAN! Go Blue!!! only took us one overtime, so take that little brother!!!

It is oh so sweet to be a Michigan Wolverine!!!

Always and forever!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

El Nuevo Ano!

Happy New Year to all my followers and readers!!
I'm not big on resolutions, although I do think they are a good thing for people to do, if they actually stick with it. I fall more into the school of thought that I don't need 1 day a year to set goals to improve myself.  But if you have resolutions, more power to you and I'd love to hear them!
There is, however, something I have been wishing for for the past few months.  Usually it shows up in this area around this time of year but for some reason the weather does not want to deliver my wish.  I am  one of those "snow lovers"  a rare breed of people who love the cold, the snow and all the fun activities that come with it!
Yes, I got snow on Jan. 2nd!  Up at my lake house in northern MI we got about 8 inches. unfortunately i was leaving to drive back to southern MI the same day and didn't get to ski, but I did get to run around in it, play in it and  watch it fall!
This is the view of it from the back door of our cottage!!! It started snowing on Jan. 1 at night!  So my sister her boyfriend and I went for a walk!

This is how covered I was during that walk!  Still hugging trees of course!

Then the next day I had to leave but snapped a few stunners!

Gorgeous stuff!
So now my tiny new car is LOADED up with ice skates, cross country skiis and my snowboard.  I'm ready at the drop of a hat to do some sort of activity, only it will all melt on Thursday :(

Hopefully we get slammed again soon!

Tonight my school plays football!  I'm heading over to the local bar right now to watch it since I don't get it on my rabbit ears...

Hope everyone is having as lovely a new year as they hoped for!  Keep up the positive energy and enthusiasm this year!

<3 Suz