Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is your head cold?

Okay so soliciting myself might make a few people mad, but I know there has been interest in the past on this... if you are offended by this, look at it as me showing off my knitting!
 I knit pretty much for fun, but I always get compliments on my hats!  particularly my tams! I have a few other great projects i'm working on, but need to get supplies, time and motivation to execute.
The tams are stylish, soft, easy to wear and handknit with love!
I happen to have two, that I just made to be knitting but not with anyone in mind. One size fits all, and i'm asking for $20 for each. Please message/e-mail me to set something up! I've put pictures up below to see the colors and the style of the tam

While I'm at it, i still have a fish hat left over as well!  See below, $25 message me! Fun hat! I love those!

Well its finally friday again!  I have Rotary early in the morning.  A few meetings ago I volunteered to bet he program committee, knowing that being new to the area it would be a challenge to meet interesting people to come talk to us every week... but I spose i felt up to the challenge.  No speakers this week, but the rest of January is covered, with help from my one committee member!
Then I'm off to Ann Arbor for the weekend.  I have some fabulous friends that I've been missing, particularly some girls I went to NOLA with a long time ago, so I'm happy Sharon has motivated me to come for the weekend!
Gotta go do my nails!  Stay warm my friends and followers!

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