Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

El Nuevo Ano!

Happy New Year to all my followers and readers!!
I'm not big on resolutions, although I do think they are a good thing for people to do, if they actually stick with it. I fall more into the school of thought that I don't need 1 day a year to set goals to improve myself.  But if you have resolutions, more power to you and I'd love to hear them!
There is, however, something I have been wishing for for the past few months.  Usually it shows up in this area around this time of year but for some reason the weather does not want to deliver my wish.  I am  one of those "snow lovers"  a rare breed of people who love the cold, the snow and all the fun activities that come with it!
Yes, I got snow on Jan. 2nd!  Up at my lake house in northern MI we got about 8 inches. unfortunately i was leaving to drive back to southern MI the same day and didn't get to ski, but I did get to run around in it, play in it and  watch it fall!
This is the view of it from the back door of our cottage!!! It started snowing on Jan. 1 at night!  So my sister her boyfriend and I went for a walk!

This is how covered I was during that walk!  Still hugging trees of course!

Then the next day I had to leave but snapped a few stunners!

Gorgeous stuff!
So now my tiny new car is LOADED up with ice skates, cross country skiis and my snowboard.  I'm ready at the drop of a hat to do some sort of activity, only it will all melt on Thursday :(

Hopefully we get slammed again soon!

Tonight my school plays football!  I'm heading over to the local bar right now to watch it since I don't get it on my rabbit ears...

Hope everyone is having as lovely a new year as they hoped for!  Keep up the positive energy and enthusiasm this year!

<3 Suz

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