Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Monday, September 2, 2013

Football Saturday Adventures

Saturday kicked off my favorite season!  Yes Fall but most importantly FOOTBALL SEASON! Seen as I don't even have cable (I use rabbit ears to get news channels) I needed to find a way to indulge in the first game of the season to see our handsome Team 134 show off their mad skills.

Luckily for me, the University of Michigan Alumni Association of Seattle is amazingly large, and they have football watching parties every game at a bar called Buckleys in Belltown (note there are various locations, this is the Michigan location (learned that the hard way)).  I figured even though I'm a girl going alone to watch the game, there are other loyal football fans who would also be alone. So I arrived at Buckley's Saturday to a sea of Maize and Blue.  All the fans rocking our beautiful colors, the TV's featuring only this football game and probably at least 100 people packed into this bar, standing room only!  How amazing right?  I felt right back at home like it was an away game at the Brown Jug.  I just happened to come in at the right time and strike up conversation with a couple people who ended up scoring a table, luckily. They were the perfect football watching buddies whom I hope to run into again at these Saturday events! Obviously the game was amazing too!  Not that I had any question on this game if we would win, but it is such an amazing feeling to be so far from home yet in a room full of people screaming and cheering for Michigan.  We even overheard people talking about where they can find Vernor's in Seattle.  Jill, who I was sitting with, knew the answer to that and where I could find a bar with Bell's beer too!

After the game ended Jill and I decided to check out this Whiskey bar down the street. It had a relaxed vibe, and on a Saturday at 5 pm is was just as sporadically filled as you'd expect it to be. I've learned that its harder to find girlfriends in a new city than it is to met guys, so it was great sitting at a bar with another girl just talking about hiking and other fun places to go in Seattle.  Eventually a guy on each of our sides were involved in our conversation, except the guy on Jill's side was much more laid back and funny.  I ended up next to the guy who wanted to talk about blood types and blood diseases while wearing a shirt about donating blood... so obviously I wasn't that into talking to him and kept joining in with Jill, the guy next to her and the bartender.  We were having a great time!
Then the guy next to me paid his tab, got up and pointed at Jill and said you are awesome and pointed at me and said you are rude and you are probably both lesbians and not even worth my time talking to. I looked at Jill shocked at the number of angles what he said are offensive.  After he walked out we all joked about how if a girl doesn't want to go home with a guy she is clearly a lesbian, he must have drank way too much, and how we were having a great time, what was his problem.

But when I walked home I thought about the larger implications of what he said.  What does he mean by waste of time?  Why can't people just enjoy a conversation at a bar without expectations of more or wasting someones time?  Even if we had a good conversation that was witty and engaging, I wouldn't have gone home with him.  I didn't ignore him, I answered what odd questions he asked me, I don't think that's rude, nor to be still engaged in the conversation the friend I came here with is having. And why did he have to bring lesbians into it?  What if I were a lesbian and we did have a good conversation?  Who cares? He clearly had expectations for his visit to the whiskey bar that I don't think anyone in their right or drunk mind would have indulged in.

Anyway, my message is that this 35 year old dude from Tacoma needs a reality check and guys, please don't go into bars with agendas.  Its much more fun to talk with someone and have a good time casually then to feel like there are expectations that just because I say hi to you means I have to go home with you.  And to everyone that human interaction is still okay, even if it ends at the bar, it is okay to meet people and have fun and leave it there no matter what sexual orientation you are.

Still laughing and having fun here though! ;)

<3 Suz

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