Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Continuing Education

I just started an online Intro to Finance class via this awesome new great website called Coursera.  Maybe you have heard of it, maybe not, but you should take a look around.

 It started off with about 5 great universities, including my Alma Mater, University of Michigan.  Recently about 10 more colleges have joined in to provide free online classes in a variety of subjects. They literally have something for everyone, from Finance, to World Music to Pharmacology to Sustainability, they did a nice job with the variety.

  I chose to subject myself to something I'm weak at, finance.  I'm so excited to be able to challenge myself for free from home and be learning things for free from great professors with great programs.  I just finished week 1 out of my 10 week class.  It wasn't too bad, except this was the easy week according to my Business School professor who created 2 hours or under in videos every week as our lecture and we have an online quiz to complete every week as well.

While we don't have direct contact with the professors, they definitely picked up on our classes struggle to get all that into one week.  Twice now our professor has been looking over our class forum to help each other out, and he has noticed struggle and altered the set up of the class to accommodate our needs, not difficulty wise, but more time wise.

I will be more than happy to report back once my class is over.  I even signed up for one on the status of the US farm system, which I know is suffering, that starts in January!

So if you are looking for quality continuing education to do in between your favorite TV shows after work,  Coursera should have something that interests you.

Check it out!

Also my 3rd lavender post should come soon!  I made an excellent batch of cookies with it!  I'll share the recipe!

Take care!


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