Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lavender Extravaganza 2

As promised, I wanted to write about the second use I played with for lavender.   June's Birchbox featured products nice for traveling, including, in the sneak peak, a floral face spray.  I decided to make my own face spray using my beautiful lavender buds. They use this spray as a nice facial refresher on a hot afternoon or during a day of traveling, but you could also use this to spray linens or as a body mist.
Here are the ingredients I used:

Bottle of Rose water ( you can usually find it at a health foods store)
a tablespoon of Lavender buds
1/4 teaspoon of lemon zest
distilled water

Then I also had an empty small jam jar and a spray bottle.
I put the rosewater in the jam jar and added the lavender and the lemon zest.  I let that all sit together in the closed jam jar for about a week, then strained out the buds and zest.

In the above photo, in the middle, is the concentrated floral water.  On the right is the purchased rose water and on the left is the spray bottle I am using for my floral water.  The floral water was a little strong for me so I filled my spray bottle about 1/2 way up with the distilled water and 1/2 way with the floral water.  This helped lighten the spray and will also make my concentrate last a long time!

Then give it a little test spray, on your arm or if you are daring, right on your face.  Right away you will feel so refreshed and cool!  Not to mention, it smells heavenly!  Or if you want to freshen up a room, you could spray this around a room as well!

I hope this was helpful!  I know I am certainly enjoying a splash of this in the afternoons with this awful heat wave sitting over Michigan!

I'm wondering what you think!

<3 Sue

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