Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not so relaxing bike ride/ holiday at Higgins

Last week I had a few field days where I went out to properties with Peg, Friday was supposed to be one of them, but it rained all day... anyway, she taught me most of the local common invasive species.  To practice I've been pointing them out to myself and recalling their distinct features.
     So today after work I tried to go on a nice relaxing bike ride looking at all the beautiful cottages and getting a little fresh air after spending all day on my bum.  Instead of relaxing, I spend the whole bike ride noticing all the invasive species along Lakeshore drive and desiring to pull them out... how relaxing huh?
As for a permanent position, it sounds like after the new director gets settled in here a little, he is going to interview me and see how he likes me and how I fit with him and his work style.  Not only that but I have a one month review in a week... I'm a bit nervous I must confess because I always want to push myself to work harder and better at things.  At least I have a week to prepare myself for that and another month for my interview with the director!  I know I've been working my butt off and taking in a lot so it shouldn't be a problem.  wish me luck! I think I'd really be happy here for a little bit with this small non-profit.  I really like the work I'm doing too and I think it is important to the future of not only Michigan but of the world.  I also connect well with the landowners and board members so there is a plus!
  My 4th was great, I was at Higgins with a lot of great people who I've missed for a year or more and my family who I don't get to see as much.  Makes me miss living with my sister :(  We went out on the boat a lot, swam, and sunned, which is exactly what my mind and body needed to jump back into my hectic and busy work life.  I love Higgins, I could be there alone and have just as much fun as I do with my friends and family, but I like being around people after being alone so much.  I do go up there mainly for the Lake and for being in such a sacred place to me.  Higgins has truly been my only steady home and place that I can rely on every summer, and I hope that never changes, even if it is only twice a summer (Memorial and the 4th).
Hope everyone else had a great holiday as well!  I'll have a great story from tomorrow, Julia from the DEQ will be here and we are showing her a lot of our properties that qualify for the DEQ grant.  Then we are going to an Indian's elder village to learn about the land and their practices!  How cool huh?  Report back soon!
<3 Suz

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