Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Monday, July 25, 2011

Country life

Yes I know I keep apologizing for not blogging often but this time really has been a stretch!  You know why?  I've been kept very busy with work, which is also a great thing.  I like knowing that I'm working hard, accomplishing tasks, learning more and more, and getting tired.  Last week we had the board meeting and an event and other meetings, so we were very busy on top of personal life complications, which there were many of those as well. The main one was my cousin losing his life in the Chicago to Mackinaw race.  He did a lot of great things for Saginaw, loved sailing and was a great dad to his daughter Sage.  He will be missed at the lake every summer and I am truly sorry about the situation but know that he passed doing what he loved.  This week is a little more laid back, even though my schedule has already filled up!
 I had a nice weekend where I got to bond with myself Friday and Saturday, meaning I spent time with myself, got to know myself and did a little self pampering. I drove up to a local bakery in Stevensville, which i must say, if you are ever in the area, go to Bit Of Swiss, they truly know how to work their flower and what to put in their ovens.  I bought too many carbs and some great groceries from a lovely store and am happy!
Then my friend Hannah from Madison visited me Sunday since she is moving to Savannah in 2 weeks.  we met on the Costa Rica study abroad trip so it is always nice to see her!  We did some winery tours which are amazing and then sat at the beach ( it finally cleared up!!)  It was so lovely spending time with her

Tonight Peg had a dinner for me to meet some people and have some social life.  We made pizzas on the grill with lovely ingredients from her and her neighbor's garden. I've met a few people that I can make plans with, which is great, I need some personal interaction down here.  Peg and some of these other people are so crafty when it comes to canning and pickling etc and I'm an open and blank book ready to learn everything I can about being self sufficient and making all these home made goodies.  Tonight Peg set me up to start making pickles, I got some Cucumbers and she gave me jars and a recipe so I will begin teaching myself how to pickle!  I will let you know how they turn out!  She also gave me fresh dill and eggs!!  Love this! Can't wait to learn how to do more things like this so I can live in the country myself and have some chickens and a garden! The people here are all interesting and nice and I'm having a great time getting to know a new group of people that were raised completely different than me.  Peg, Johanna and everyone else here has been so great in acclimating me to the area not only as it is a different lifestyle but I also do not have many friends in the area.  I am thankful for their help with food, entertainment and their patience with me at work.  Everyone else I met has been great as well, very welcoming and understanding that I am new to the area and am wiggling my way into the community.  Can't wait to learn more!
I hope we have a dinner similar to this soon, it was a nice relaxing evening with some great people from a wide range of backgrounds.
I'll let you know how the pickles go!
<3 Suz

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