Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Monday, June 27, 2011


I love weekends here!
Friday I went kayaking in Sima Marsh!   It was amazing!  I can't wait to get a kayak sometime and do it more often!  We saw a great blue heron and a lot of small birds.  It was so quiet back in that preserve!  I also couldn't believe some of the houses that looked over the marsh.  I feel like I'd rather have property on the marsh than on the lake because of the scenery and the peace and quiet.  I also hope to take at least one guest kayaking on the Galien, it was a great way for me to get to know my client better.
  I also went with an amazing group of women, they all go mountain climbing together.  They have done Kilimanjaro and are going to the Himalayas this fall!  They were all happy to have me with them too, which I was grateful for.
Then Johanna and I went strawberry picking!  Best strawberries ever! I'm planning on making muffins with the strawberries this week!   I had some great friends come visit me this weekend also.  It was great having guests here for me to show around and actually get out into the community with!  we also had a very relaxing weekend of hanging out on the porch, the beach and even going to the Round Barn winery to do some tasting!  That was a lot of fun and I will definitely do that with other guests as well!  That's all for now! This week should keep me busy, and I'm heading to the Tiger's game tomorrow, weather permitting....

<3 Suzy

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