Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My desk is piling up...

Now that I've had a few days to learn about all the processes that need to happen before an easement takes place, I'm beginning to wonder if I can get my whole intern task list finished... especially with a capped 40 hours a week... but I'm confident that I can get some of these people to place an easement on their property to protect it from logging, mining and development!
 Other than that, with the rainy weather I haven't been very active, I couldnt' bike to work, or after work... or walk on the I've been sitting, knitting (I'm really trying to finish my shawl, I'm on the home stretch!) and eating!!
speaking of eating! Both the ladies I work with, who are both very nice, have chickens that they raise for eggs.  Today Peg brought me in a dozen of her organic free range eggs and didn't make me pay for them!! I'm so excited to eat them even though I just paid $4 for organic free range eggs at Barney's grocery store in New Buffalo.
Wish I had something more exciting to report on, but like i said before...there is no one here my age and I'm working a crap ton... the most exciting thing today was the 2 interviews for a new executive director, but I don't know anything about it because Johanna and I were kicked out of the office for 3 hours while they was kind of annoying... oh well, maybe we will finally have some full time leadership in office!
Plus this weekend I might have some more juicy 20 something news! I hope ;)


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