Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Thursday, April 26, 2012


 I tend to go through phases of what I enjoy wasting my money on.   Lately that has been make-up. In November I joined a make-up community called Myglam.  It is similar to Birchbox where you pay a low monthly fee to receive a bag once a month with 3-6 sample, delux, or full size beauty products.  They also have videos on how to use the products, people review them, give tips about them, etc.  It has been a great community for me, as I feel like I get some of my artistic expression out through my make-up. In their bags also have been codes for discounts on beauty products, further antagonizing my interest.
  I recently learned about a phenomenon that started in Asia a while ago and is just not catching on in Europe and America.  BB cream, stands for Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm and I think there are a few more...
BB cream is similar to a tinted moisturizer, except that it also has high antioxidant levels, a decent level of SPF and can have other ingredients in it that prevent wrinkles, and reduce scaring and dark spots.  I've been using mine for three days now.  I read a few beauty forums online about which ones are best, and from what I read, the Asian ones are the best.  Three brands that stuck out to me in my research were Skin 79, Dr. Jarts and Missha.  I ended up ordering the Missha one.  I am very happy with their product, but just so you know, their return policy is not as forgiving as many US companies.  Mine is slightly lighter than my summer skin tone, so I asked them if they'd take it back and they would not.  I still use it, and my skin feels soft and I think I am breaking out less than I normally would on my period, I just have to put bronzer on top of it to not look like a ghost.  
So I figured I should wait a couple weeks to check back about how happy I still am with my Japanese beauty balm.  
My addiction doesn't stop at beauty balm or myglam.  I've been drooling over the latest Nars and Urban Decay products!  I found some great chubby pencils on Urban Decay's website on sale now!  Their new eye shadows are also something I will probably break down on soon along with their hot pink eyeliner.  
SOOO at least with my current shopping craze, I've been semi responsible with it and have my skin in my best interest!

I don't know about you, but I'm SO glad its almost the weekend!  This week has been kind of rough, I think working really late on Tuesday threw my body off.  Any time to just turn off my mind and relax is welcomed with wide arms right now!  I've come to really love my down time alone in my cozy apartment!  

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Fred Meijer Gardens!


Gorgeous flowers!


Neuron Sculpture

Until next time!

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