Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Location, location, location

Wow!  September is amazingly busy.  on top of the tons of fun Chikaming Open Lands (COL) events, I also am trying to find a new place to live for a year or more... not easy in a tourist area....
COL had a dedication ceremony on Monday to welcome 6 acres to preserved land.  This wonderful donation put us at over 1,000 acres protected!  We had GREAT turnout!  about 80 people gathered on the side of a street because of their interests in protecting land!  It was to refreshing to see that many people mobilized about this topic, especially because across the street there is 11 acres for sale that we would love to mobilize to protect, but can not commit any funding for it.  A few community figures have offered to actively work with us, but we need to fund raise for it more than anything.
  Made several jars of pickles today, since they are so delicious and the cool weather with decreases in local veggies is on the way.  yesterday I stopped by a farmers market where I was able to get local garlic, edamame, and onions so most of the object in my pickle jars are local ingredients!  I feel so much better about my food when I know it is supporting someone from this community and since I know where it came from.  Not a lot of gas mileage went into moving this food either, therefore it is more sustainable environmentally and economically.
I start my real job Oct. 1, which means no vacation for 6 months starting Oct. 1, but with all the weekends i'll probably have to work, I will hopefully get some comp. time to use around Christmas, since it is my favorite holiday as I am already thinking of it in September.... oops....
  I'm trying to decide what I am looking for in a place to live, and while I wish I was in the position to buy a few acres in the area with a cozy house, that might take a few years.  instead I think I need to find something reasonably priced and relatively close to the office so that I can save up to get a house in the future, pay off my student loans and buy a new car this spring.... YIKES!  all checks can be sent to my parents house.... haha kidding, unless you want a knit hat or a jar of dill pickles!
  at first I was leaning towards living in a youthly populated area, perhaps a more thriving area, but then I realized I can easily drive to Chicago, Kalamazoo, St. Joe, GR when I need some sort of interaction with people my age.  The thing I will be doing every day is working, so being close to that and saving money should be my priority.  I know, for a 22 year old single, I'm pretty much shooting myself in the foot, but I believe in karma and fate so who knows, maybe some sexy farmer will have a stand at a farmer's market, or I'll run into a sustainable forester in the woods? Its a possibility, right?   Guess I'll find out!  But my point is that my living quarters shouldn't be based on a location of being near activity that I would probably only use once a week if even.  I'm still going to frequent Greenbush Brewery with my co-workers and probably be too tired after work to socialize anyways.  I'd rather find somewhere comfortable and economical in a home to work sense.  Too bad stuff out here is priced like housing in Ann Arbor, who do these people think they are? The places here are certainly not 3 blocks from the Big House, or next door to the best pizza in town open until 3 am... in fact many places here close for 1-3 months a year...
Oh yeah, its a tourist area with a beautiful, grand lake, some of the best sunsets in the country and polluted air, big thanks to "The City".

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