Seattle At Night

Seattle At Night

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time for the Holidays!

I can't believe it is already December!  I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, stuffing your face full of delicious home made goods!  I help out every year by making the green bean casserole! I've also recently started to help out with the pies as well!  But once the turkey is all gone, it is time to start thinking about Christmas!
  My family is pretty big in Christmas traditions. We have a lot of them and they are important to us.  Last weekend I brought a tree to my apartment along with my ornaments box which is an assortment of ornaments I made in the 90's, my baby ornaments, the ornaments my grandma gets us every year, and other random decorations and nativity sets.   My parents have saved this for me since I was an infant, and I'm pretty grateful for it.  I think my tree looks great with all these miscellaneous ornaments on it!  Some of my favorites were my beauty and the beast bulb, the big bird that you can see in the bottom of this picture next to a wonderful picture of Santa and I from 1996!  I'm working on getting a tree skirt to complete the look!

Our family is also good on making lots of delicious treats to give away to friends and family.  Normally I'm at home to do this, but this year I wasn't sure when I'd be home to do all of this, so I tried one of our favorites and specialties, peanut brittle, on my own!  Apparently it is kind of odd that we stretch our peanut brittle, but that is how I was always taught to do it, and I like it not being so thick that I bust my teeth.  Here is a close up of my final product of making peanut brittle for the first time without my dad!

and yes, it is as delicious as it looks!  That batch was PERFECT! I'll post more about my family Christmas Traditions!  There will be many more in the coming weeks. I'll be conquering them either alone or with my family due to the fact that I have no vacation days yet so I will not be spending the 2.5 weeks I'm used to spending at Higgins Lake with my family.  So to feel involved  and in the holiday spirit, I can take some of these on by myself!

Also wanted to show you my new ride!  My old ride was great! but it started costing too much to keep up with repairs, so we sold it in 3 days and I got this gorgeous Honda Civic on a lease.  It has a computer in it that took a half an hour tutorial to learn how to use!  Big thanks to my parents for helping me out on this wonderful ride.  I'm so thankful for it!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Take care!
Go Blue!

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  1. Your tree looks great! Maybe I'll put one up, after all. Peanut brittle was good, but just wait for the PB Smackdown!!!